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preserving your memories

honest storytelling of your favourite days on earth


it's all for you

where does your story begin? i want to know how you felt when your person first walked into the room. do you still get those same butterflies now? how do you spend your favourite days & what do you value most in life? this is completely about YOU, and i want to know it all.

be you! don't be afraid to get messy, your hair wet, your clothes dirty. those smile-so-big-your-cheeks-squish-your-eyes are THE BEST kind of smiles! it's a strange adjustment, someone following you around to document your every move - so let's change that! let's grab a coffee or some brunch!

i'm ALLLL about getting those raw, unstaged moments. images are the most valuable form to commemorate your love, especially in a day that so quickly passes by. let's celebrate your love now AND in the years to come - let's look back on the details that you remember most - and the few you missed while your back was turned.