Your Photographer

I’m Chelsea

I’m super passionate about authenticity and photographing moments that make you feel something

You can find me storytelling throughout
Thunder Bay & The GTA

My home has always been Southern Ontario until this spring. 2021 lead me to the love of my life, and shortly after, Northern Ontario. We’ve been loving exploring and discovering our new home 

My heart holds so much faith in the universe. So many things from friendships, geese, street signs and bright moons remind me that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. No matter where the map reads
– North or South –
I have a space to call home in both and for that I feel very blessed

I’m highly sentimental, superstitious and believe in silver linings everywhere

I’m a collector of moments, words, light and coffee mugs

I enjoy
Writing & Poetry
Reading & Anne Lamott
Live music & Luke Combs
Desserts & Game shows
Great Danes & Glossier


I hope to collect memories of your world and mine for as long as I can