I'm Chelsea!

I'm passionate about preserving your authentic memories, the right here and right now

You can find me storytelling throughout Southern Ontario + beyond!

Collector of moments, words, light & coffee mugs

My heart holds so much faith in the universe.
So many things from friendships, geese, street signs
and bright moons remind me that I’m exactly where
I’m meant to be.

I’m highly sentimental, superstitious and believe in silver linings everywhere


I’m happiest as the observer
I believe the little things are the big things
Find me happiest in the company of my family and sweet, grey kitties
A soundtrack is a must for everything – but Luke Combs has my whole heart
+ I’ll never ever ever ever turn down dessert


Serving you authentic memories of your most valued days, is the greatest honour
I remind myself every day just how lucky I am to live this dream.
I only hope to collect memories of your world and mine for the rest of time