a bit about me!

currently based out of the niagara region! i’ve always been crazy passionate about photography, some of my earliest childhood memories are longing to get my hands on a camera (literally reaching+sobbing. GIMME that fun toy, amirite!) graduating high school the plan was to move forward studying photography into forensics (UMM what was I thinking??) thankfully, i had some really great mentors + inspiring friends and I found my love and passion in connections!

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on any given day you can find me surrounded by family + friends, snuggling my adorable doggos, or cruising the town in my jeep (my second greatest love next to my nikons)
i love a good book, but especially cheryl strayed.
sending + receiving mail is my favourite.
i'll never turn down a breakfast date (my fav diner expects me multiple times a week) - but if you really want to know the way to my heart, it's all in the dessert!
i have a huge appreciation for live music and i'll take any chance i can to be in the crowd of a small venue.
i'm super sentimental and i'll save every card, envelope, ticket stub, you name it. although my mom would call it hoarding.
my friends would tell you that i'm obsessed with hot dogs (heck, i've even got a tattoo)
i spent most of my teen years working in a coffee shop and before going full time i ended up working the counter of a tattoo parlour. i've worked around a wide variety of people and fast paced scenarios and i've found a love for the small things in life + take note in the details.

i love documenting intimate moments. days filled with emotion and rawness will forever remain the reasons i fell in love with photography. i look forward to sharing each experience with you, the grand and the little ones. i believe that each part of your day is immensely powerful in telling your story. i want you to understand that just as you promise yourselves to one another, i promise that my entire heart is poured into my work. throughout the day you can expect me to laugh a whole bunch, i’ll lay in the dirt or wade into the lake, and tears will stream down my face while you share your first dance - but i hope that you'll trust that i'll do anything to preserve your memories in the best way that i know how.

one of my favourite things about being a photographer is working with new people each time! witnessing and engaging in incredible connections is a privilege that is indescribable. it is so important that you feel comfortable during our time together. SO, wear what makes you feel beautiful, squeeze your lover tighter, laugh your deepest + don’t be afraid to let them tears roll (can’t stop me anyway)! I want to get to know your unique stories and personalities so that when it comes down to your biggest moments, i can capture the raw + authentic YOU! so tell me about your passions, your values, what makes you laugh the loudest? when was it that you knew, this is THE ONE + why it is that you are so darn crazy about each other!!

more than anything, i love to photograph love.
i’m very grateful to be able to pursue what i love, thank you for making that possible!
say hello + let’s meet over coffee (or pancakes) i want to know everything!
i hope to get to know you soon!